[Image: Rule 63’d Castiel, Dean, and Sam from Supernatural. Castiel’s wings are blocked out in white against the drop shadows behind the three. Dean is holding a wooden stake, and Sam is smiling with her arms crossed.]


castiel, deanna and samantha? still not sure about fem sam dfjhdskfjdf….

i feel like cas would be the only one regularly wearing heels because when he possessed fem jimmy she was wearing them at the time, and also it would be really cute

been kicked around so long you’re starting to get used to how it feels.

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#is lucifer touching your penis again #lucifer stop it

#omg lucifer totally probably did that tho #maybe not in a gay sense #more of just a way to piss sam off #so sam’s researching in the library#and lucifer stretches a foot under the table and starts #you know #rubbing sams crotch #and sam has to shuffle uncomfortably and pretend that everything’s okay because dean’s sitting next to him #and lucifer just smirks and sam is actually disgusted #but he cant move #or say anything #because saying that his hallucination with lucifer is turning into something sexual would NOT please dean#and lucifer knows this #and lucifer probably done it at really inappropriate times as well #like when sam was interviewing someone


“I’m not a relaxed person, Britta. I think ahead. I prepare.”

— Annie Edison, “Mixology Certification” 

> Sam as Annie