Sam is the original destiel shipper

See this proper hurts me- look at those faces in the first panel. I stared at it for a good long minute before moving down to the punchline.
Because that’s fear, plain and simple. Fear of Sam saying that he doesn’t approve of what they’re planning, of what they’re doing. Dean’s fear is that he might have to choose between Cas and Sam. Cas’s is that Dean has to make that choice, and it seems like an obvious answer as to what he’d choose.
Look at the way they’ve got their hands clasped together, tight as anything. This is them not wanting to let go, just in case- gripping each other tight because that’s what they know.

And then Sam’s just like “Oh for god’s sake, you guys are fucking stupid if you think I didn’t see, christ.”
And it’s all happy and warm and nice because this blog doesn’t hurt you like the show does.