jeradpadelecky replied to your post: Also just saying, angels are nongender. Didnt cas once say something about them not having preference or something? JUst. Yeah I agree with you totally.

i imagine if he was in a female vessel over time that would effect his personality, because parts of jimmy bleed through to him so why not gender identity. what are your opinions on this.

I agree entirely. Angels have time and again said they need to use a person’s body and mind. So their gender identity and habits would come through on some level.
I think a change in vessel would change an angel’s personality somewhat, if the two vessels had different personalities. I felt there was a slight change in Raphael’s behaviour between the two vessels- I always found in the female vessel ze was calmer. Lucifer had differences too between vessels (ignore the fact that could be acting differences). A lot of the snark seemed to die away with Nick- not all, but there was a drop. 
So yes, I feel if Cas was in a female vessel, his personality would shift slightly. His core values and feelings would not, but some of his mannerisms and habits would.

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    ahh the bee metaphor is perfect yes. and cas later watching the bees man. fuckin bees. and the bees were perfectly happy...
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    Yes sorry I did write that little paragraph because I’ve been writing about angels and vessels recently and trying to...