I was doing some thinking about how Supernatural fits evolution in with angels and the like, and did some digging anthropology-wise to try and work it out.

Whilst modern humans in term of skeleton appeared around 190,000 years ago, modern behaviour only appeared 50,000 years ago. [1]

By modern behaviour, I mean advanced tools, tailored clothes, jewellery, paintings, and religion. 

Which, if you want to try and combine the whole mythos about apples and Eden, gives you your explanation why there was 140,000 years of homo sapiens being no different from any other animal.
[There are two scientific theories on the issue, one saying all the accumulated knowledge finally burst into advancement, and another saying a genetic mutation allowed us to advance.]

But back to the world of the supernatural.

If we say that 50,000 years ago was our ‘Eden incident’, that leaves an awfully long time for us to be watched over before that.

So humanity turning up wasn’t a flash incident for the entire Fall debacle. It was more like a low heat under a large pot of water, slowly building to a boil. We’ve got 140,000 years where it’s likely the heavenly host were watching and taking bets about whether homo sapiens, erectus or neanderthalensis was going to come out on top. 

But let’s assume sapiens was God’s favourite. He liked how it looked and moved. Perhaps they were created with the express purpose of letting his angels walk about on earth and interact in a terrestrial way. Really feel the mud between their toes, if you will. 

Either way, God liked them. Enough that at some point he decided ‘Yes, these are just right as they are,’ and told the angels they were to be revered even more than Him.

We know Lucifer didn’t get on well with this fact. We also know he turned Lilith into a demon prior to his being locked in Hell.
Lilith is generally mother of demons and Adam’s first wife, banished from Eden for not obeying her husband. 
If Lucifer took it upon himself to prove humans weren’t all they were cracked up to be, managing to corrupt Lilith into a demon would be an excellent way for him to try and make his point.

Probably the warning sign that put everyone on edge and got Lucifer into deep trouble with Daddy. Nobody accepted one human being twisted by an outside force as a sign of their fragility, so most likely Lucifer decides he’s going to go bigger, and causes our spark.

How is questionable. If we keep in with the science theories, perhaps he caused a genetic mutation in homo sapiens that spread and spread and made us into what we are. [This is both a good and bad thing. We are different from other animals, but along with religion and art comes premeditated murder and things like lust, greed, and pride.] 

This is probably the event that broke the camel’s back, and had him thrown into the Cage. Essentially because he didn’t like the new baby so he broke it. 

That still leaves us with 40-50,000 years leading up to now, with angels peering down at us. That’s how long they had to watch us invent the wheel, discover fire, figure out ritual sacrifice, and learn money. Perfectly lovely little apes who figure out the best way to perform the seven deadly sins awfully quickly. 

-Since Cain and Abel’s story appears in several cultures, albeit with different twists, people argue it’s the first recorded murder. Can’t imagine that his favourites learning to kill each other over money/women/power was something God was pleased about-

On our little timeline, the angels have the 40-50,000 years to play with.
Meanwhile, in the Cage [assuming that the one month equals a decade rule holds true in that part of Hell also] Lucifer languished for 6 million years, waiting to be free. 

It also puts into perspective how long it took Gabriel to finally jump ship. The religious texts paint him as Mary’s messenger and Mohammad’s messenger, so that means he was ‘recorded’ in Heaven until approx. 600 AD. 

The first mention of Loki in Norse mythology comes at around 1000 AD. So somewhere in those 400 years, Gabriel skipped out of Heaven, having reached a breaking point of his own. 

Pretty near the end of it all, in the grand scheme of things.

So in summary, we can deduce these figures, as much as they can be called fact.

The origin of humans came around 190,000 years ago.

Lucifer’s fall was around 50,000 years ago.

Lucifer has been in the cage for 6 million years.

Gabriel had been pretending to be a Norse God for approx. 1000 years.

Gabriel waited around 49,000 years before snapping.

Thank you for your time.

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